Anxiety is a diabolical creature. It tends to cloak itself and hide. It can lurk beneath virtually anything, from learning, reading, writing, creating, studying, relaxing, and pretend to be something else, so that the only evidence that can be seen is in the bodily manifestations of vertigo, nausea, fidgeting. The importance of happiness is forgotten, and in its place the many defense mechanisms take its place, intellectualization can be one of the worst ones, justifying the anxiety in a way where it no longer resembles anxiety at all, and making it all the more difficult to deal with. It takes time to learn how to spot its existence, and even then it oftentimes goes unnoticed. Then, even when it is noticed, it takes time to calm the anxious soul down. There is an Arabic proverb that the soul moves like a camel, so that it takes time to catch up with the mind, and such is the case with anxiety.


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