Herodotus and Harry Potter



Sketch with words from Histories by Herodotus and Harry Potter

All right so the story for this one is from my Greek History class. We were reading Histories by Herodotus, and there’s this conversation in there between Xerxes and one of his men on one of their war campaigns where they say what’s saddest about human life is not only death but that men contemplate taking their own lives. I’d been re reading the Harry Potter series around the same time, and I was suddenly reminded of the scene where Sirius dies and falls behind the black veil and Harry is drawn towards the veil, and Hermione has to yell at Harry not to touch it. As a kid I’d never made the connection of the black veil sort of standing as a metaphor for death and Harry being called to it for some reason, and it somehow linked together with this old text I was reading which was written by the person who is known as the father of history. Completely amazing.


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