After graduating from med school I’m really hoping to specialize in Psychiatry. I’m always looking out for interesting articles related to mental health, and this is one of the best ones I’ve come across on anxiety:

Method 1: Manage your body

Method 2: Breathe

Method 3: Mindful Awareness

Method 4: Don’t listen when worry calls your name

Method 5: Knowing, not showing anger

Method 6: Have a little fun

Method 7: Turning it off

Method 8: Persistent interruption of rumination

Method 9: Worry well, but only once

Method 10: Learn to plan instead of worry




2 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Well if you want to start from the basics and if you are really passionate about this awesome subject you should read Oxford Shorter textbook of psychiatry. I think it’s the perfect book to study psychiatry from. It is really easy to understand even for a beginner. And keep up the good work man. Not everyone is capable of mastering this convulated and diverse subject.


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