Rhyme Battles with Kevin: Taming Hades and Disgust (the anti Love)



The sky’s anger, cries of a village before the storm, lightening strikes, and it’s frightening, the wrath of heaven’s thorn, pure white, anger and love in its purest form.

Anger and love were always one in the same, it’s disgust that you gotta tame. Bleached blues into private rooms rained, breaking the dream into nauseating strains.


Can you tame disgust? Erase hate and cure mistrust? I don’t think you can unless it’s strictly the two of us. The world is too big to fix, I’ve come to realize this, idealized dreams are are our ignorant bliss.


Even if it’s just the two of us, how can you tame disgust, when a voice starts grating senses, how long will you put up pretenses? Idealized dreams, sins turned to dust, who will you trust? An I, God, you, we, a blunt? To hell and back all will be shunned, with the broken belief you’ve made your beloved.


That broken belief you speak of refuses to ever leave, it’s plague that I hate, disgraced, a slowly aging disease. Hell is like earth, except Hell is a 180 degrees, where Hades resides and decides the scorching fire they breathe, so leave it to me, to find an escape back to the heavenly gate, douse the flame, tame the disgust and I trust you to restore my faith.


Earth is hell when your head makes it, a heaven when on blissful dreams you sit, the train to bliss missed, trees burst into flaming fists. How to douse the flame, when I stood with you as we missed the train in human hellish bliss.


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