Rhyme Battles with Kevin: Astral Minds and Hopeful Chimes


His mind’s a puzzle,
Kept to himself,
Boy in a bubble,
They say we all find someone,
Who’s just half of a double,
That it takes two to form,
Like thunder brewed in a storm,
Like love before you were born,
A heart before it was torn.


Puzzles and bubbles,
One half of a double,
Is one full trouble,
To make it through the rubble,
You gotta be dissolvable.
You speak it doubles,
Speak about uncouples,
Find yourself, lose yourself,
End the struggle.


Well that’s literally true,
You can actually split me in two,
One half of me is me
Whereas the other is literally you,
A little subdued,
A shade darker of an
Indigo blue,
Look at what it’s come to.


I’ll do you the favor,
Split you in two,
Break your heart,
Set you to the start,
Show that it was never me,
But always you.
Love is to heartbreak,
As a self is to a double,
I’ll break your heart,
To show you your doubles,
No love no selves,
It was always about your bubble.


Well I’m too afraid to mention,
I was scared of love and affection,
The moment it was in reach,
My bubble served as protection,
You popped it a now I’m free,
But exposed successfully,
The world can reject as they may,
But you accept unselfishly.


Scared of love and affection?
Or scared of something else,
Of a self that swells.
Imaginary bubbles popping,
If I reject you you’ll be left sobbing,
Bubble back in place,
Its walls doubled,
Doubled again, and again,
Bubble ending in solid rubble.
Who said I’d break you to accept you?
I’m just as selfish as the others,
Talk of practicality versus love,
It was always about one, not the other.


So tell me,
Does love actually prevail
Over practicality,
Emotions rougher than the oceans manifest
In astral reality.
So whatever’s practical is actually
What truly staggers me.
But what happened,
Because it has to be.


Dichotomies to create
Staggering drunken strides,
Practicality and love,
On horses of imagination ride astride,
In the recesses of your astral mind,
Practicality charged and
Love died.


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