Rhyme Battles with Kevin: Present Moons


Selina, the moon above shines
Too bright, a light
Where beauty is amplified by the night,
Out of sight,
Becomes the ocean,
Planets align,
Revealing the past
Behold the divine.
You’re a doctor at heart,
A poet by choice,
Let’s rejoice that your voice
Gets filtered through noise,
Into the ears of those willing to listen,
An invisible prison,
Break it and shines a comets emission.
Let’s keep the light and contain it
To our last breath,
I never sleep,
‘cause sleep is the cousin of death. (NAS)


The moon shining above,
Dulled out my shine,
Made a ghost of someone,
I could have been
Faster, quicker, sooner,
Leaving before beginning,
At the speed of light we tumble,
1, 2, a million,
Until it’s finally over.


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