Rhyme Battles with Kevin: Past Moons


When all is said and done,
Nothing enough is ever said and done.
When all is said and done,
Your past and words,
Changed everything
We could have become.


We could’ve become
anything you wanted to,
The fact that we didn’t is why
our memories haunted you.
Everything you seen and done,
Was a product of us,
The moon can’t shine without the sun
So I guess theres a couplet to every situation,
Take it how you wanted,
We cant handle separation
Strong as you may be ,
Maybe theres a weakness exploited,
Doesn’t this sound crazy.


Crazy is what crazy does,
Sincere is what sincere does,
Memories mean nothing to you,
When to your past you flew,
The moment the curtains to our ending drew.
Tumbling through moonlight?
Baby I am the moon,
I’ll shine without your light,
Years from now, later or soon.


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