Rhyme Battles with Kevin: Doctors and Psychologists


A doctor who never made it?
Your words are healers,
Heal epileptic fits,
Like anti epileptic never could.


I understand you’re a doctor, psychology,
But something missin,
I heard you weren’t authorized
To fill out my prescription,
They handed out the scalpel,
Glasses and the knife,
In the ER, I heard you couldn’t save a life.
I’m a fire that burns, never to be doused,
They call you Selina?
I woulda thought they calked you
The fake House.


I could never save lives,
No burning houses,
But boy with all your lies,
All the oceans and seas,
Couldn’t put out your fire,
Bring you to your knees.


Through several oceans and seas
Please perform some surgery
Before I fall a victim
IV and penicillin.


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