Apophasis: Waltz

Moonlight dancing in revolving hotel tops,
Bentleys and Louboutins, slender necks and diamonds,
Have you swapped your sparkling soul for gaudy gods?
If not, then the combination a doubly doused paradise.
Reflection caught in the gilded mirror beneath a shroud;
Oh, but who is that stranger, the belle in red?
Shock of awareness, you, within and without;
Fill the emptiness with dead molten lead.
Shoes off, hands caress the swaying chandelier,
Ballet barefoot through shards of glass by stars set aglow,
Red on red, blood spattered white floors, onlookers jeer,
Love let go, will always let go, now go…
Your being, in truth of nothingness, dread heaves,
So leave all and in ignorance Beauty weave.


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